Cooperatives Successful and Proven

Housing cooperatives, an affordable homeownership model that has worked for more than 50 years in Chicago.

Cooperative Housing Advocate

The Center for Cooperative Housing Development, is a not-for-profit entity created  to serve as a public advocate for housing Cooperatives in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.


Our objectives are to:

1) educate the public about housing cooperatives—a durable, flexible housing model that is particularly suited to today’s housing challenges and opportunities; 2) provide orientation on the fundamentals of cooperative housing; 3) provide devel- opers and investors access to the technical experts to ensure a successful conversion; and 4) provide ongoing regulatory over-sight to operating cooperatives.


Cooperative Leaders and long term residents share their stories in "Celebration of 50 years of Quiet Success

Because we have accomplished so much in such a short time, you almost forget that The Center for Cooperative Housing is a young organization.   We  are pleased to annonce that  the interim title for our key officers have been removed.  Congratulations to the following people who will serve as our officers during this imporatant first year of the organization's development.   Mr. Larry Robinson,  President   Ms. Robin Lay,  Treasurer  and Mr. Herbert Fisher, Secretary.  More information to follow.

Special Events

Cooperatives are great places to live because the people who live in them are serious about management and upkeep of their property.  However, people who live in Cooperatives like to have fun.  Our special events sections highlight but serious and fun events that are sponsored by The Center for Cooperative Housing Development or its participating Cooperatives.  If your cooperative has a special event scheduled, contact us with details and will try to arrange coverage for the event on this site. 

The Center for Cooperative Housing Development endeavors to be an invaluable resource for Metro-Chicago Housing Cooperatives.  This section our site will be continuously updated with the most current research and position papers on all areas of Housing Cooperative living, management, development and public policy advocacy.........